If you would like a piece of purple or green orgonite, I would like to gift one your way. Please contact me. However, all I ask is that you pay me a postage donation of £2.00 or $4.00, which will cover recorded delivery postage in the UK. Thank you!


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  1. I would like some of your home-crafted orgonite. Amazingly, I first heard of the term itself a couple of weeks ago, when you contributed to an Amazon Associates forum. I have since enjoyed both your spiritual and erotic writing, although it is hard to draw a defining line between them as one is the continuum of the other. All I can say is that your writing moves me profoundly, in all dimensions, by the duality of your psyche.
    Let me know how I can make a small monetary contribution to your orgonite-promoting work

    • Wonderful. I”m glad I’m helping, sometimes I feel so fucked up and struggle to think sanely. I think “Is it all in my head?” but no, this world is too evil and only our minds can heal it. Sure, I’ll send you some Orgonite. Email me privately on my page and let me know how many you would like. Thanks

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