I’m Helen. Going through a spiritual phase of my life, and it’s very difficult. I try to make other people aware of the world. Sometimes I wish I was still asleep and unaware of the truth. I’m not yet at the stage of enlightenment where I can say I am nobody and that I have no ego. My ego has a purpose, and it’s to show me the right path. Duality limits our senses in so many ways.

I am the writer of The Horny Book of Happiness (previously The Sexual Mind), which is available on Amazon. I also write erotica and I have several stories on Kindle. I am part way through my Kundalini awakening book, Sanity or Insanity: The Dark Night of The Soul. I’m not sure whether this will hit everyone, but I pray that the world will change. There is far too much electricity, which is destroying our natural energy field – our aura. Mobile phones, pylons, mobile masts, cordless phones, wi-fi technology, televisions, microwaves, radio waves etc. Our aura is about an arms length from either side, and it can easily become weakened by this technology. The sad fact is that the world is becoming more hooked on technology. Have we forgotten that our mind contains all the power we need. Are we fucked? I hope not, but we can certainly protect our aura and that of others by gifting orgonite.

I still do not know of my purpose in life and why I chose this difficult path, but I do know that I want to help others. I do not want to brainwash others, like so many spiritual gurus try to do, nor am I looking for recognition, I just listen to my heart. Now, we have one more thing to add to the list of freebies in life after sex, orgasm, masturbation, love, and air – free orgonite.

My Other Websites

Girl With A Dirty Mind

Tough Workouts

Audacious Press

The Other Side of Girl With A Dirty Mind



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