The Power of Orgone


Professor and psychiatrist, Wilhelm Reich first discovered the power of Orgone. Of course, this pissed off the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who set out to discredit Mr Reich’s work. He discovered that Orgone is the life force of everything. Other names for Orgone are chi or prana. They burnt his books and put him in jail, where he sadly died.

He used a cloud buster to test his theory, and it worked and caused a downpour. However, a cloud buster can also harmonise the weather, banishing the dull grey clouds. Then he discovered the Orgone Accumulator, which absorbs Deadly Orgone Radiation (found in ELF waves and microwave technology), and set about writing about his discovery. Obviously, if you are aware of the world, you will be aware that there is a secret society (who own the FDA) and would love to rule the world. Fortunately, microwave technology, video games, nicotine, alcohol, and fast food helps to manipulate human brainwaves into negativity. However, if you are aware of the electro smog and protect your own energy field, you can dissipate most of the harmful energy and strengthen your life force energy.

Orgone is life force energy in solid form. An Orgone generator absorbs the deadly Orgone energy from microwave technology i.e. televisions, computers, mobile phones, cordless phones, and Wi-Fi technology, and transmutes it into positive energy. You may not feel this instantly, but your aura certainly will. After using Orgone as a pendant or keeping it as a piece to put in your pocket or around the home, you will regain vitality, combat mental fogginess, eat healthier, kick smoking/alcohol, and think more positively.

My Orgone pendants work. After losing my willpower to smoking weeks ago, I have been wearing my pendant for over a month, I have quit smoking without any patches, through sheer willpower, and I have not had a craving since. I am making healthier food choices, and I am starting to believe I have the power to make a huge different in my life through positive thought patterns. I am also discovering the power of 4-minute workouts, which fill my body with feel good endorphins and a youthful appearance. Further information can be found on these useful videos:


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