How Does Orgone Work on The Energy Field?


Since I started wearing my Orgone pendant just after Christmas, I have felt a dramatic change. Before Christmas, I was fatigued, smoking far too many cigarettes, and filled my with junk food. I felt bloated, drained, and tearful.

Weirdly, I have made a positive change in my diet and am eating far less crap. I’m making healthy wholesome soups, cutting down on bread, and taking up more exercise. Perhaps you think it is a state of mind, but is very rare that I make a change so quickly. Regarding smoking, I have quit without a second thought, whereas all the times before my willpower was low and my mind full of lack based thoughts.

Smoking, like any other bad habit, allows negative entities to draw off your energy, but it seems Orgone has protected my energy field and given me the motivation to go for my goals.

I have been activating my DNA, and when the other invisible 10-strands DNA add to our normal 2-strand DNA, fatigue sets in because the body is working hard to rid the darkness and let in more light. Since the majority of us are born into darkness and spoon fed lies from an early age, it takes time for the soul to wake up to love and light. This is my time to shine!


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