Protect Your Energy Field with Orgone


When making Orgonite, one has to be in the mood to cope with the fumes that cause mental exhaustion, headache, and fatigue. I have my kit together, enough to make about fifty Orgonite tower busters, but I now have to enter the same frame of mine as I had last time.

Wow. Last time I was super hyper with my image to help my family and to reduce the electro-smog from the electric pylons down the road. Those pylons are bloody everywhere. I’m sure it will come when I least expect it.

When the sun was shining on my face through the window last week, I thought, “This is abundant energy.” The warmth of its energy, the huge bulb of light in the sky giving us day time without having to cope with fluorescent light is marvellous. Even at night, I often sit in the dark. I used to hate working under artificial light. It can send me bog eyed after a while.

Back onto Orgonite. The way I feel it has been helping me is by protecting my energy field, especially in my bedroom. I am also into smudge sticks, and since I smudged my flat on Friday, I feel so much more attuned to The Divine and its power within me. Although on smoggy days, I just trust that is a planet unaligned which makes me feel the way I do.

Isn’t it weird to know that help was only half a mile away from where I live. Stephanie from True Serenity has helped to lift my spirits. To know I had walked past that shop dozens of times, and drove past it hundreds without knowing the miraculous people living within this high energy field in Rochdale. Strange…but fantastic!

It is now time to start listening to you, Divine Self. Tell me what I need to do to reach my goal to happiness and serenity? Right now, I feel happy to watch the abundant leaves dropping off the trees, flying through the air like multicoloured butterflies. The little gifts from the Universe make me smile. A second ago, I felt a brush of breeze against my skin, but alas, it is not strong enough to power my wind chimes.


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